We help match up presenters, technology, and audiences.

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BLC assists subject matter experts in presenting workshops and presentations to a wide variety of audiences – from small intimate gatherings to large stage events with A/V projection and internet live streaming.

You bring the knowledge. We bring the technology, the support platforms, and the logistical skills to make it happen.

We can also help turn your content into an online course.

Event Management

Let us help you plan your next big professional or social event.

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Organizations large and small host events of all shapes and sizes – ranging from retreats, Board meetings, all the way up to large public events with exhibition spaces, stage events, and multiple concurrent workshop rooms. We have experience in turning your vision into a working reality, that can bring your people together, share knowledge, and boost your organization’s productivity to the next level.

We can also help with fundraising (funraising!?!) events that bring new sources of revenue, new partnerships, and new media opportunities to your organization.


Sometimes you’re not sure what you need; talk to us, we can help.

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Sometimes you’re stuck, and you need someone to talk to who can bring an outside perspective to your organizational challenges. Do you need to enhance your advocacy? Do you need to improve fundraising? Has your Board become detached and indifferent? These are all typical issues that organizations confront, and can be overcome with outside injections of energy and enthusiasm.

Is your staff morale and productivity not at the level you’d like? We have experience with Human Resources issues and staff teambuilding activities that can re-energize an organization. We can help you set up mission statements, strategic plans, deliverables, and timelines.

Let’s help you help your organization.


Change happens when goals meet action.

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

Contact us and let’s get started making a difference for you.

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