BLC is delighted to represent Bob Taylor, the Artist.

Bob’s art experience spans decades – and many different mediums.

Bob currently resides in Los Angeles, and continues to make new art.

ILY Charm Pendant by Bob Taylor.

Price: $75.00 (plus shipping/handling $12.00)


ILY Pendant, by Bob Taylor

This pendant is based on Bob Taylor’s famous artwork (pictured below). It does not come with a chain, you can hang it on the chain of your choice.

A little bit retro, a little bit modern – this pendant is sure to catch people’s attention.

The shape of the heart is painted Red and the handshape “ILY” is white on top of the heart on the inside of the heart with polished Gold base metal.

The size is 1 inch in height.

Artwork by Bob Taylor. Framed print, signed by the artist.
16×20, numbered copies. (Second edition, limited run of 100.)

Framed prints are $250 + $45 shipping and handling (+ tax).

If you are local to Los Angeles, and would prefer to pick up
the print, we will refund your shipping cost.

ILY Artwork, signed by the artist.

Artist statement:

This artwork: In the Late 1960s, during my college days at SFVSC, which was San Fernando Valley State College and is now called California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Everyting was new, especially during the beginning of the four-year program. At the time, there were no centers on deafness, only two bungalows. During the ’70s, a lot now called Peace and Love movements went on such as, against the Vietnam War protest, and walking out of the classroom. I see a lot of symbolism like black power, (fist holding). Give a Peace sign (two-finger-like V) during the hippie’s movement. Hang loose like waving and shaking (thumb and pinky finger) associated with beach and surfer culture. I ask myself what about us (DEAF)? One night, I came up with an idea (light bulb lit up)!

I designed and painted on the shirt, a red heart with I love you sign inside wear it at college to expose ours to bridge the gap between the two worlds to build the understanding togetehr by ASL represents the Deaf and the red heart means the hearing world as love put them together to get along and be part of the Symbolism of the ’70s. The “I LOVE YOU” sign is used widely and seen everywhere! Now it’s become symbolic of deaf culture always in our hearts, be proud of it. This artwork was copyrighted in 1974 by Robert Taylor.